Pentucci, M. – ENG

Micro-design as a layout for educational action


Pentucci, M.

Starting from the analysis of tasks proposed by teachers in research-training, the paper shows how recursive design patterns emerge from them, which can be formalised and become micro-design matrices. The design produced in this way can be seen as a layout whose function is to guide and support the action of teachers and students: an artefact that overcomes the dichotomy between analogue and digital in that it hybridises and aggregates both dimensions, which puts teachers, students, knowledge and the environment into communication, activating processes of feedback and transformative interaction.

Maila Pentucci

Maila Pentucci is RTDB at the Department of Philosophical, Pedagogical and Quantitative Economic Sciences of the University “d’Annunzio” of Chieti. She teaches General Didactics and Educational Design. Her research interests include the design and structure of educational eco-systems, teacher professionalisation and educational technologies.

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