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Media beyond media: education in digital plenitude


Luciani, L.

This theoretical-experiential contribution aims to provide a conceptual disambiguation in relation to media in the age of the digital technological revolution. The scientific objective is to reaffirm how the media languages characteristic and specific of the various expressive media, together with the direct and effective use of the relative technical media instruments, are at the base of that technological-educational perspective able to allow us to consciously, and therefore successfully, go through that processual crossing of the media (Galliani, 1979) capable of finally and completely connecting the educational field and the training institutions to the digital media plenitude that characterises and pervades our contemporary world. media beyond media: education in digital plenitude.

Luca Luciani

Luca Luciani is currently a research fellow at the Department of Human Sciences, University of L’Aquila. He obtained the national scientific qualification as associate professor for the scientific disciplinary sector 11-D2 in 2016. He has been a contract lecturer since 2001 at several universities and other institutions of higher education (Padua, L’Aquila, Teramo, Calabria, Telematica Giustino Fortunato). He has published several essays on the languages and technologies of educational communication, on media education and on video research in pedagogy.

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