Lorusso, I.P., Ritella, G., Ruotolo, A. – ENG

Creativity in virtual worlds in the Covid-19 era: a case study


Lorusso, I.P., Ritella, G., Ruotolo, A.

This case study takes the sociocultural paradigm applied to the analysis of creative processes as its theoretical framework. The objective pursued is to understand the role and the ways through which the relations between creativity and different forms of social interactions can be expressed in the creative use of Minecraft Education Edition in two primary school classes (AA.SS. 2019-2020 and 2020-2021), in a sociocultural context characterised by the radical transformation of the educational space-time and the strong restrictions that have negatively impacted the pupils’ social relations. The preliminary analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data collected allows us to discuss how interpersonal relations were involved in the creative process of gathering information, generating ideas and externalising creative products in a hybrid educational space-time characterised by new forms of sociality for pupils.

Ivana Pia Lorusso

Giuseppe Ritella

Ivana Pia Lorusso is a PhD student in “Culture, Education, Communication” at the University of Foggia in agreement with the University of Roma Tre. She collaborates with the University of Helsinki on the study of creative processes that emerge from the use of new technologies in primary school teaching activities. His study and research interests include creativity, visual literacy and art education.

Giuseppe Ritella is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki (Faculty of Educational Sciences). His research interests focus on technology-mediated learning through a socio-cultural approach. She currently coordinates the Tecos research project, which aims to analyse innovation in education, especially with regard to learning units – also interdisciplinary – that involve the creative use of new technologies (virtual worlds, 3D printers, educational robotics, etc.).

Angela Ruotolo

Angela Ruotolo is a psychologist and clinical pedagogue and has been teaching in primary schools for over thirty-six years. She is the coordinating tutor of the training course for the Degree in Primary Education Sciences at the University of Bari Aldo Moro. He is President of the UCIIM section of Andria. For several years he has worked with INVALSI as an expert evaluator of educational institutions and with INDIRE as a trainer, tutor and evaluator of Erasmus Plus projects. He collaborates with the group of experts of the Territorial Training Team of Puglia to support schools in the process of educational innovation.

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