Albanese, M. – ENG

The distance learning of university tutoring.

Short analysis of an experience.


Albanese, A.

Orientation and tutoring activities, carried out using the peer-tutoring methodology, are now a reality for all Italian and international universities. Students are considered as “learning partners” and “co-researchers”. With the advent of pandemic events, tutoring has also been rethought with a view to Distance Learning. My experience as a didactic tutor has been in the field of support for pedagogical subjects with particular reference to General Pedagogy. It can be seen that 22% of the students decided to contact the tutor in order to have a valid help to get back in touch with the university and with the study interrupted after the first lockdown in March 2020. Through active educational support strategies, participatory pathways and transversal skills can be developed.

Martina Albanese

Martina Albanese is a tutor in General Pedagogy and a student on the PhD course in Health Promotion and Cognitive Sciences at the Department of Psychological, Pedagogical, Exercise and Training Sciences at the University of Palermo.

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