Pelizzari, F., Marangi, M., Villani, D., Massaro, D., Peretti, G., Guida, I. – ENG

Coding and childhood, between play and learning Research on the impact of coding in the learning of 4-year-olds


Pelizzari, F., Marangi, M.

The paper proposes the results of a research conducted to verify the pedagogical potential of Coding and robotics in the learning processes of 4-year-old children, at cognitive and socio-relational level.
The research involved teachers and children from kindergartens, combining the media-educational and psychological approach, in order to understand the impact of unplugged and plugged Coding on individual and group interaction, spatial and movement skills, memorisation and decoding of progressively more complex instructions and on the development of problem solving skills, verifying the positive impact of storytelling, digital media and the educational robot Cubetto.

Federica Pelizzari

Michele Marangi

Federica Pelizzari: PhD candidate in Pedagogy, Pedagogical Consultant and Media Educator, she has been collaborating with CREMIT since January 2016, following monitoring projects and workshops for children and teachers, referring to the field of Media Education and CyberStupidity.

Michele Marangi: Media Educator who designs and conducts training courses on the use of media in pedagogical, social, health and cultural contexts. He has been part of Cremit since 2016, and is a lecturer on Instructional and Learning Technologies at Scienze della Formazione at the Catholic University of Milan.

Daniela Villani

Davide Massaro

Daniela Villani: Associate Professor in General Psychology (M-PSI/01) at the Faculty of Education. She has collaborated in several national and international projects aimed at investigating the psychological processes involved in the use of technologies in different contexts and is the author of numerous scientific publications on the subject.

Davide Massaro: Full Professor of Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology (M-PSI/04) at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He is a senior member of the Research Unit on Theory of Mind; he is Didactic Coordinator of the Doctorate in Personal and Educational Sciences and co-coordinator of the Master’s degree course in Media Education.

Giulia Peretti

Igor Guida

Giulia Peretti: PhD candidate in “Person, Development, Learning. Epistemological, theoretical and applicative perspectives” at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Department of Psychology, Milan.

Igor Guida: Vice President – CTO and co-founder of Stripes, Editor-in-Chief of the online Journal of Culture and Education in Pedagogy and Social Studies and Scientific Director of Digitus Lab, in MIND.

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