Roffi, A., Ranieri, M., Bruni, I. – ENG

"Hunting hoaxes".

An information literacy course in upper secondary school


Roffi, A., Ranieri, M., Bruni, I.

The educational path “Hunting hoaxes” was carried out in a secondary school in Florence in the school year 2020-21. The theme tackled is that of Fake news, in an educational path divided into two units, corresponding to the typical components of media education, namely analysis and production. A first class and a fourth class were involved, for a total of 27 students, who attended partly at a distance and partly in presence. A teaching approach based on media analysis and production allows the students to be involved in the first person, transforming theory into “something useful”. This conclusion is supported by the students’ satisfaction with the course, especially with the practical parts, linked to a greater awareness of the definition and identification of fake news.

Alice Roffi

Maria Ranieri

Research Fellow at the University of Florence, in the Laboratory of Educational Technologies directed by Prof. Maria Ranieri (FORLILPSI Department). Her main research interests concern digital skills and the use of innovative technologies in science teaching. She collaborates in writing and managing research projects in the field of innovative technologies for education.

Full Professor at the FORLILPSI Department of the University of Florence. She deals with technologies, media and educational processes, with particular reference to media literacy education and educational technologies. She is co-editor of the journal Media Education: Research, Studies and Good Practices, and deputy editor of Form@re. The Journal of Open Education (Band A). She is also vice-president of the Italian Association of Media Education (MED).

Isabella Bruni

Trainer and Media Educator, currently working at SIAF (University of Florence). For over 10 years she has been conducting educational activities with pupils of all levels, designing and implementing training activities with future teachers and in-service teachers on the use of technologies in teaching, media and digital competence. In parallel, she carries out research activities in the same areas. She is a member of MED – Italian Association for Media and Communication Education.

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