Greco, S., Morini, E., Nencioni, P., Turchi, A.- ENG

Participatory communication and shared leadership


Greco, S., Morini, E., Nencioni, P., Turchi, A.

With school autonomy and the consequent social reporting, schools are increasingly called upon to account for their activities in a transparent manner. It is therefore essential that schools, as a complex organisation, work in synergy, according to a shared vision, with all the actors involved in the educational process. In this process, the head teacher has a leading role and must encourage the exchange and promotion of communication and cooperation skills, combining coordination and support for his or her teachers and also playing a linking role with the outside world and with other schools in the area.

Serena Greco

Elettra Morini

Serena Greco, works in INDIRE and her research activity is particularly focused on the study of school governance models, the role of leadership and middle management and the ways in which effective innovation processes are promoted and supported.
She collaborates with IUL, where she teaches, is a member of the editorial board of the journal “IUL Research” and coordinator of Master’s degree courses and further education courses. She is the author of contributions in books and scientific journals.

Elettra Morini, researcher at Indire, research structure “Evaluation of innovation processes”. In recent years, she has been involved in research projects on the themes of governance and school leadership, also participating in the European project Learning Leadership for Change (L2C), whose main objective was to deepen the concept of shared leadership and identify good practices of shared and participatory leadership.

Paola Nencioni

Antonella Turchi

Paola Nencioni, has been working in INDIRE since 2001. Her research activity in the Institute has focused on teacher training, both disciplinary and technological. She is currently working on research activities related to innovation, school improvement and leadership for learning. She is a lecturer at IUL – Telematic University of Studies, teaching: ‘Technologies of education and learning’.
She is responsible for the editorial staff of the journal IUL Research.

Antonella Turchi has been working in INDIRE since 1991. Her research activity has focused on multimedia documentation languages. She is currently involved in research activities related to the design and development of research lines for the analysis of the effectiveness of school improvement processes. She is also involved in the study and testing of methodologies and tools for school governance.

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