Mingrino, M., Lo Piccolo, A. – ENG

Technology and participation in initial teacher education:

A workshop experience in DAD in the primary education degree course.


Mingrino, M., Lo Piccolo, A.

The social, cultural and economic changes of this century inevitably affect the world of education and training, which therefore has to renew its paths, objectives and targets.
The laboratory, intended as a new teaching space, becomes a privileged place for the educational relationship between teachers and learners, who, supported by technology, creatively achieve the set objectives.
The design of the workshop activities was carried out with the intention of encouraging the development of knowledge according to an inductive approach and using teaching methodologies centred on the active role of the student in which interaction, collaboration between subjects and reflection in action become the significant characteristics to encourage learning through experience.

Marta Mingrino

Alessandra Lo Piccolo

Marta Mingrino has a PhD in “Didactics and Educational Technologies”, and has been an Adjunct Professor of the Laboratory of Educational Technologies at the Bachelor of Science in Primary Education of the University of Enna “Kore” since 2014. Her research interests include the use of video games in education, media education, coding and computational thinking, creative learning and Tinkering.

Alessandra Lo Piccolo is Associate Professor of Special Didactics and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Classical, Linguistic and Educational Studies at the University of Enna “Kore” and for the same referent of the Kodis – University Commission for Disability. She is currently director of the VI cycle of the specialisation course for educational support activities for pupils with disabilities for the University. Her research interests are oriented towards special pedagogy, the inclusion of fragility, the teaching of the body and emotions.

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