Trevisan, O., De Rossi, M. – ENG

Digitalization and distance learning after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic:

an international survey of university response.


Trevisan, M., De Rossi, M.

The paper describes an international research collaboration between the University of Padua, North Texas University and Windesheim University.
The study explores how university lecturers involved in vocational courses for the educational area perceive the pandemic-induced transition to distance education (ED).
This contribution introduces the beta phase of a research that started already in spring 2020, now seeking to investigate possible changes after one year of distance education, in relation to: (1) perceptions of institutional support and professional training offered; (2) potential and challenges of ED; and (3) professional intentions for future uses of ED.
We are exploring how ED is changing teachers’ routines and whether these changes are paving the way for collaborative, reflective and student-centred approaches that could have long-term consequences. This is to help focus future training pathways to better support teachers in effective and efficient teaching and learning, both in times of crisis and in times of normality.
The presentation will focus on innovations in tools, factors that emerged and expected results for this phase of the study.

Ottavia Trevisan

Marina De Rossi

O. Trevisan: research fellow at the University of Padua, he has been collaborating for some time with North Texas University (US) and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (NL) in research projects on teacher design reasoning for the integration of technologies in education.

M. De Rossi: Delegate for Teacher Education at the University of Padua, she deals with the impact of didactic methodologies in educational and training processes in formal, non-formal and informal contexts; multidimensional models for initial and continuous teacher training; models of ICT integration in school and university didactics (TPACK, ICT-TPCK); digital narrative methodologies in educational, training and action-research contexts.

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