Luciani, L., Pollutri, L. – ENG

Digital media plenitude and primary school teachers in the Abruzzo Region.

An exploratory research: presentation of the first results.


Luciani, L., Pollutri, L.

The contribution aims to present the first results of an exploratory research carried out in the second part of the school year 2020-2021 aimed at probing the beliefs, opinions, behavioural intentions and active behaviours, knowledge, skills, ideas, motivations in relation to the use of educational communication technologies in teaching-learning paths and to the diffusion of media education didactic activities of Primary School teachers in service in the Abruzzo Region: both tenured and substitute, of state school, as well as of private parified school.

Luca Luciani

Lorenza Pollutri

Luca Luciani is currently a research fellow at the Department of Human Sciences, University of L’Aquila. He obtained the national scientific qualification as associate professor for the scientific disciplinary sector 11-D2 in the 2016 round. He has been a contract lecturer since 2001 at several universities and other institutions of higher education (Padua, L’Aquila, Teramo, Calabria, Telematica Giustino Fortunato). He has published several essays on the languages and technologies of educational communication, on media education and on video research in pedagogy.

Lorenza Pollutri is currently a qualified teacher for Primary and Kindergarten. She is also an English teacher at ANKH – school of esthetics in Lanciano.

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