Marzano, A. – ENG

The processes of remediation between digital and analog artefacts to enhance student learning


Marzano, A.

The methodological approach we intend to present is one of the research directions initiated by the Research Laboratory in Media Education and @ctive Teaching (RIMEDI@) of the University of Salerno on the use of Dynamics Concept Maps (DCM) in networked learning environments as remediators within the teaching-learning process (Marzano, 2017; Marzano, Miranda, 2020).

Antonio Marzano

Antonio Marzano, Professor of Experimental Pedagogy (M-PED/04) at the University of Salerno, is scientific head of the RIMEDI@ Lab (Research and teaching laboratory in Media Education and Didattica @ttiva) and of the REBE Lab (Research laboratory in Evidence Based Education). His latest publications include: La didattica in classe (with A. Calvani and A. Morganti), Carocci, 2021; Progettare, sperimentare e valutare nella ricerca educativa, Pensa Editore, 2021; Evidence Based Education e didattica efficace: come integrare conoscenze metodologiche e tecnologiche nella formazione degli insegnanti (with A. Calvani), ECPS Journal, 22, 2020.

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