Fabbri, L., Rossi, P.G., Giannandrea, L., Romano, A. – ENG

Innovation as a shared social practice

The contribution of Teaching & Learning Centres


Fabbri, L., Rossi, P.G., Giannandrea, L., Romano, A.

The paper presents a study on the training models, system actions and organisational
of learning implemented within the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC).
Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), a research, training and consultancy centre of the University of Siena, and the Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL).
of the University of Siena, and the Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) of the University of Macerata.

Loretta Fabbri

Pier Giuseppe Rossi

Loretta Fabbri is Full Professor of Didactics and Methodology of Educational and Training Processes. She chairs the Degree Course in Education and Training Sciences, and is the softskill manager at the Teaching and Learning Centre of the Santa Chiara Lab. She coordinates international research projects, including those on technologies in use in organisational contexts, active teaching methodologies applied to blended learning contexts and digital tools that promote creative learning processes.

Pier Giuseppe Rossi is Full Professor of Didactics and Special Education. He is the Rector’s delegate for information technology and the University information system. Formerly Dean of the Faculty of Education, he coordinates the Technology of Education curriculum of the PhD programme and directs the first-level Master’s degree in Educational Technology. He is also coordinator of several European projects including I-Tutor, a project on artificial intelligence and e-learning. His most recent publications include Didattica enattiva (Franco Angeli, 2011), Tecnologie e costruzione di mondi (Armando, 2009), Progettare nella società della conoscenza (Carocci, 2011).

Lorella Giannandrea

Alessandra Romano

Lorella Giannandrea is Full Professor in the field of Didactics and Special Pedagogy (M-PED/03) at the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences, University of Macerata. She teaches Technologies of Instruction and Learning, Laboratory of Educational Technologies, Didactics of Education at the same department. Her research activity focuses on in-presence and online training, the relationship between didactics and technologies, evaluation and guidance.

Alessandra Romano is Senior Researcher in General Education and Special Education. Her research interests include transformative research methodologies, methodological devices for faculty community development in Higher Education contexts and diversity management practices in the educational and organisational sector. She is a member of the International Board of the Transformative Listening Project.

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