Di Pietro, A., Fantin, M. – ENG

A look at the human/non-human relationship:

Approximations between cyborg feminism and indigenous ethnology.


Di Pietro, A., Fantin, M.

The paper focuses on the human/non-human relationship with particular reference to the perspective of the American philosopher Donna Haraway and that of the indigenous entia krenak leader Alinton Krenak, attempting to draw approximations between the two epistemological approaches.

Anastasia Di Pietro

Monica Fantin

Anastasia Di Pietro obtained her PhD in ‘Culture, Education, Communication’ with a thesis on experimental pedagogy at the University of Foggia.

Monica Fantin is a professor at the Department of Teaching Methodology and coordinator of the research group Nucleo infância, Comunicação, Cultura e Arte at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

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