Panciroli, C., Macauda, A., Russo, V., Sghinolfi, M.C. – ENG

Digital environments of participatory co-creation for new forms of cultural heritage narration


Panciroli, C., Macauda, A., Russo, V., Sghinolfi, M.C.

In this contribution we want to focus on the digital dimension in a participatory way with particular reference to the ways of involving citizens in the construction of cultural heritage in real and digital spaces. Participation is understood here as the activation of an inclusive process and education to active citizenship, with implications in the educational and social spheres. In this perspective, the contribution aims to present the experiments carried out in recent years by the Museo Officina dell’Educazione (MOdE) of the University of Bologna, with a focus on the levels of participation of users within digital environments intended as dilators of experiences that the subject makes between real and virtual.

Chiara Panciroli

Veronica Russo

Chiara Panciroli is full professor at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna. She is the referent of the scientific unit “AI and Education” of the Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence; scientific director of MOdE – Museo dell’Educazione – Sistema Museale di Ateneo. She is vice-president of the board of the Italian Society for Research on Media Education. She works on Artificial Intelligence and Education, Innovative teaching in digital environments, Learning Analytics Systems, Visual learning and Digital Cultural Heritage.

Veronica Russo, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, is a research fellow (M-PED/03) at the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Bologna and an adjunct professor in the single-cycle degree courses in Primary Education Sciences and the three-year degree course in Social and Cultural Education. She deals with museums and audience development, digital environments and cultural heritage, school and museum didactics in transversal skills and orientation courses.

Anita Macauda

Maria Chiara Sghinolfi

Anita Macauda is a research fellow (M-PED/03) at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna. Her research and publications are in the field of general didactics and educational technologies, with particular reference to AI&Education and specifically to the topics of digital environments for teaching and learning, augmented reality and educational robotics in school and university didactics, museum didactics and virtual museology, Art&Education and Digital Cultural Heritage.

Maria Chiara Sghinolfi is a PhD student in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners, University of Bologna. Her studies and research focus on cultural heritage, museum education and responsible tourism. She is currently attending the Master in Tourism Enhancement and Cultural Heritage Management and an internship at MOdE-Museo Officina dell’Educazione, University of Bologna.

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