Gabbrielli, M., Panciroli, C., Levrini, O., Zanellati, A., Macauda, A. – ENG

Representation of learning in the post-digital: students dropout predictive models with artificial intelligence algorithms.


Gabbrielli, M., Panciroli, C., Levrini, O., Zanellati, A., Macauda, A.

Within scientific debate on postdigital and education, we want to present a re-search project aimed at the design of a predictive model for implicit dropout, with particular reference to optimizing the representation of knowledge. In particular, we are dealing with a model aimed at predicting the occurrence of a learning gap in mathematics with INVALSI data, through the use of specific Machine Learning algo-rithms.

Maurizio Gabbrielli

Chiara Panciroli

Maurizio Gabbrielli has been full professor of Computer Science since 2001 at the Department of Information Sciences of the University of Bologna, he is a member of the FOCUS research team at INRIA and director of the Master in Management of Digital Technology at the Bologna Business School. He is author of more than 100 scientific publications in the field of programming languages and artificial intelligence and was from 2015 to 2017 director of the EIT Digital European PhD School focused on technological innovation.

Chiara Panciroli is full professor at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna. She is the referent of the scientific unit “AI and Education” of the Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence; scientific director of MOdE – Museo dell’Educazione – Sistema Museale di Ateneo. She is vice-president of the board of the Italian Society for Research on Media Education. She works on Artificial Intelligence and Education, Innovative teaching in digital environments, Learning Analytics Systems, Visual Learning and Digital cultural heritage.

Olivia Levrini

Andrea Zanellati

Olivia Levrini is Associate Professor in Physics Education at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna. Her research work concerns: interdisciplinarity in STEM education; didactic reconstruction of modern and contemporary physics topics (relativity, thermodynamics, quantum physics); didactic design on future-oriented STEM issues (climate change, artificial intelligence, quantum computing), openschooling, cognition and conceptual change; identity and appropriation processes.

Andrea Zanellati is Professor of Mathematics and Physics at the “Rambaldi-Valeriani” High School in Imola and PhD student in Data Science and Computation at the University of Bologna, where he is interested in Educational Data Mining, Learning Analytics and AI&Education, with an interest also in the ethical and philosophical aspects of studies and applications in these fields. He has held contract teaching and tutoring positions at the University of Bologna in courses of Numerical Analysis, Algebra and Geometry and Computer Science. He currently collaborates with the EdTech FEM centre in Modena as Educational Data Scientist and Learning Designer.

Anita Macauda

Anita Macauda is a research fellow at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna. Her research and publications are in the field of general didactics and educational technologies, with particular reference to AI&Education and specifically to the topics of digital environments for teaching and learning, augmented reality and educational robotics in school and university didactics, museum didactics and virtual museology, Arts&Education and Digital Cultural Heritage.

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