Laici, C. – ENG

Integrated digital learning ecosystem and feedback in university education


Laici, C.

The paper presents a university teaching experience carried out with third-year students of Primary Education attending the course of Instructional and Learning Technologies in the A.Y. 2020-2021. Thanks to the setting up of an integrated digital training ecosystem, it was possible to experiment with multiple feedback opportunities using different channels and tools throughout the course. The feedback activities tested included the “One minute paper” tool (Angelo & Cross, 1993) proposed at the end of each lesson and a peer review and peer feedback activity carried out with the support of the “Ladder of feedback” protocol (Perkins, 2003).

Chiara Laici

Chiara Laici is a researcher in Didactics and Special Pedagogy at the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences, University of Macerata. Her publications include: An integrated blended learning ecosystem for the development of the design skills of teachers-to-be (with M. Pentucci, 2020); Feedback with technologies in higher education: a systematic review (with M. Pentucci, 2019). Practice analysis as a tool for training the reflective professional teacher (2018).

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