Storai, F., Rossi, F. – ENG

Technology and innovation in secondary schools: rethinking teaching to improve student satisfaction


Storai, F., Rossi, F., Mori, S., Toci, V.

The contribution is part of a research to evaluate the innovation processes implemented in the schools of the “Movimento delle Avanguardie Educative” in the school year 2019-2020, a network supported by INDIRE that promotes school change in terms of the organisation of Teaching, Time and Space. The present study aims to understand if and how teaching practices that included a widespread use of new technologies and the rethinking of the organisation of the technological and/or virtual spaces of the school even before the pandemic had an impact in terms of student satisfaction: in fact, it is hypothesised that a context in which technology has been accompanied by a reflection on a methodological-organisational change in teaching can really intercept the needs of the students.

Francesca Storai

Francesca Rossi

Francesca Storai is a researcher at INDIRE and coordinates the research structure “Evaluation of innovation processes”. She has been working for years on the theme of evaluation and school governance linked to the theme of innovation.

Francesca Rossi is a researcher at INDIRE, where she has been carrying out research activities since 2003 and where she is currently working on research projects related to the evaluation of teaching and organisational innovation processes and school governance. Since 2017, she has been working as a teaching tutor and lecturer at IUL Telematic University.

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