Pacetti, E., Soriani, A., Bonafede, P. – ENG

Adolescents, new socialities and media practices: a research in the metropolitan city of Bologna


Pacetti, E., Soriani, A., Bonafede, P.

The research involved 1657 students aged between 14 and 19 from ten secondary schools of different addresses in the metropolitan city of Bologna.
The aim of the research was to explore students’ media habits and practices and to offer a detailed descriptive picture of the issues related to identity negotiation and sociality of adolescents.
Quantitative and qualitative research instruments (online questionnaires and focus groups) were set up to explore the following questions:
What relationship do teens have with digital media with respect to usage times, preferences and consumption patterns?
How much do they let themselves be influenced by their peers, parents, teachers and influencers when choosing products to buy or media products to consume? (TV series, video games…)
What cultural affiliations emerge from the online environments they frequent? (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube…)
How have the pandemic and lockdown changed boys’ and girls’ social and media practices?

Elena Pacetti

Alessandro Soriani

Elena Pacetti is Associate Professor in Special Education and Pedagogy at the Department of Educational Sciences “Giovanni Maria Bertin”, University of Bologna.
Her research areas include didactic innovation, technologies as a tool for didactic mediation, social networking, digital storytelling, education for differences, inclusive didactics, technologies in children’s everyday life, and citizenship education, always seen from the perspective of the integrated education system and the network between the various educational agencies.

Alessandro Soriani is a research fellow and adjunct professor at the Department of Educational Sciences in Bologna. His interests include media literacy and media education, pedagogical reflections on the medium of video games, the influence of technologies on school and among young people and inclusive education, especially in international cooperation contexts. He is a trainer, facilitator and consultant for several international NGOs and, for the Council of Europe, on digital citizenship education.

Paolo Bonafede

Paolo Bonafede is contract professor in History of Education at the University of Udine and in Pedagogy of Digital Sociality at the University of Trento.
His research interests are:
– Philosophy of Education: foundation and critique as axes of philosophical research in pedagogy.
– Epistemological research in education: criteria of theoretical research in education.
– History of education (educational doctrines) in the 19th century.
– Relationship Media / Education: transformations of identity and social relations in the digital society.
– Italian philosophy (Spiritualism and personalism).

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