Baldassarre, M., Tamborra, V., Lisimberti, P. – ENG

The digital competences of teachers enrolled in the specialisation course for special needs teachers.

An exploratory survey.


Baldassarre, M., Tamborra, V., Lisimberti, P.

The study deepen the issue of professional development of teachers enrolled in the TFA –  course for special needs teachers organized by the Department of Education, University of Bari and carried out in the a.y. 2020/2021. The survey, conducted through the administration of two questionnaires, aims to detect the perception of the trainees on the digital skills acquired and the degree of satisfaction expressed on the effectiveness of the activities of the ICT laboratory. The data collected, read in the light of national and international surveys, confirm the decisive role of initial training both in acquiring methodological (as well as technological) skills and in assimilating a perspective of lifelong professional training.

Michele Baldassarre

Valeria Tamborra

Michele Baldassarre is Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy at the University of Bari, where he is Coordinator of the Single-Cycle Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences and Director of the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy and Multimedia. He is a founding partner and member of the Italian Society for Research on Media Education.

His publications include: Learning to Teach. The reflective practice in the teaching profession (2009), New media education and digital skills (2011), Teaching how to think, write, communicate in times of the web (2012), ICT in Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (2014), The documentation/socialisation of knowledge in education between opportunities and limits (2014), From big data to open data in knowledge construction processes (2015), Think big. Learning contexts, algorithms and data science (2016).

Valeria Tamborra, PhD, is a research fellow M-PED/04 at the University of Foggia. She collaborates as a researcher with the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy and Multimedia at the University of Bari.

Her publications include: Emergency Distance Learning at the University. Il futuro della didattica universitaria tra policy accademica e openess della formazione (2021); Educating with media, educating to media. A reflection on teaching and learning practices (2020); University Teaching and Learning Analytics. From data analysis to modelling distance learning processes (2019); University Evaluation. An exploratory survey (2019); How can we make it happen? From description to foresight in online learning environments (2019).

Paola Lisimberti

Paola Lisimberti teaches Literary Disciplines and Latin. She is currently a PhD student in Sciences of Human Relations at the University of Bari (s.s.d -M-PED/04-) and is part of the research group of the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy and Multimedia.

Her publications include: Didattica Nova. Lo spazio-tempo dell’apprendimento digitalmente aumentato (2020), written with Stefano Moriggi.

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