Garavaglia, A., Fumagalli, B.S.I., Mosconi, G. – ENG

Integrated digital teaching in Lombardy secondary schools.

Methodological choices and perceptions of effectiveness.


Garavaglia, A., Fumagalli, B.S.I., Mosconi, G.

The research was implemented to understand the methodological choices made and the perceptions of effectiveness of teachers and students during the Integrated Digital Didactics delivered in the academic year 2020-21. The research team chose to focus the study in secondary schools in the Lombardy region, with the intention of reaching a significant number of teachers and students. The questions asked in the questionnaire and during the interviews covered several topics, in particular: – The comparison between some didactic activities carried out at a distance with respect to the same ones carried out in presence; – The levels of attention placed by the students during the school activity at a distance with respect to the levels of attention placed in the activity in presence – Teaching of classical languages, Greek and Latin, in particular translation and reading of the text comparing the situation in the classroom and that in DAD; – Personal considerations regarding the positive elements found in Integrated Digital Didactics to be reproposed in the future at school.

Andrea Garavaglia

Bianca Sofia Irene Fumagalli

Associate Professor in M-PED/03 at the Department of Philosophy, University of Milan. President of the degree course in Philosophy. From 2002 to 2020 Secretary of SIREM Italian Society for Research on Media Education. Member of the scientific board of REM Research on Education and Media.

Degree in Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity. Teacher of Latin and Greek at the Maria Legnani High School in Saronno.

Germana Mosconi

PhD in Education and Communication Sciences. Pedagogist.

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