Piccini, M.P., Grzadziel, D., Pasqualetti, F. – ENG

Research project on the use of digital technologies during the pandemic period in Pontifical Universities with a view to their integrated use


Piccini, M.P., Grzadziel, D., Pasqualetti, F.

The research hypothesis is that the success of a lesson cannot be attributed exclusively to teaching in presence or to the use of advanced digital technologies, but rather to the combination of many variables that include planning, cultural and technical competences of teachers and students, structural factors such as classrooms, quality of connections and digital devices in case of online learning, and many other factors that the questionnaire tries to probe. The aim is to provide teachers and students with an analysis of what has been experienced and perceived about the learning experience in this pandemic period in order to understand which aspects help most in learning and studying.

Maria Paola Piccini

Dariusz Grzadziel

FSC research lecturer

Lecturer in ESF didactics

Fabio Pasqualetti

Lecturer in FSC communication

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