Lotti, A., Bosco, A., Dipace, A., Limone, P. – ENG

Evaluation of an online Faculty Development intervention


Lotti, A., Bosco, A., Dipace, A., Limone, P.

The University of Foggia has decided to plan and implement an important programme for the development of the teaching skills of its university teachers, in order to guarantee the best possible teaching for its students.
The training programme is organised in such a way as to develop six macro-skills, and respective learning outcomes, of the university teacher and requires a commitment of about 100 hours for each individual participant.
At the same time as planning the training, UniFg initiated an evaluation plan aimed at assessing the outcomes according to the Kirkpatrick model.
This paper describes the evaluation plan and illustrates the objects and instruments of the evaluation.

Antonella Lotti

Andrea Bosco

Lotti Antonella, PhD, Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy, CHI.MO.MO Department, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Member of the Scientific Committee of the TILD Project of the University of Foggia, Vice-president of the Italian Society of Medical Pedagogy. Member of the Board of Directors of ASDUNI.

Andrea Bosco, PhD, Full Professor of Psychometrics, Coordinator of the PhD “Human Relations Sciences”, Department of Education Sciences, Psychology, Communication, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.

Anna Dipace

Pierpaolo Limone

Anna Dipace – PhD Associate professor – Experimental Pedagogy Department of Humanities. Literature, Cultural Heritage, Education Sciences University of Foggia

Pierpaolo Limone, Full Professor of Educational Psychology. Rector of the University of Foggia

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