Mangione, G.R.J., Chipa, S., Cannella, G. – ENG

The role of third cultural spaces in territorial educational pacts.

Towards a pedagogy of reconciliation in the territories of small schools.


Mangione, G.R.J., Chipa, S., Cannella, G.

In this paper, the INDIRE research group aims to understand how the “educational community pact” is a device that allows schools to extend themselves by making use of third educational spaces such as museums, libraries, open-air theatres. Starting from a training experience in which more than 1200 teachers took part, it is possible to analyse the role of third spaces through the analysis of the pacts shared by schools. The methodology is based on an interpretative research, based on a structured analysis of secondary documents, about 130 educational pacts collected within the Small Schools Movement and the training actions proposed to teachers.

Giuseppina Cannella

Stefania Chipa

Giuseppina Cannella, PhD in Intercultural Pedagogy. First researcher at INDIRE. His research is oriented towards investigating effective educational models in small school contexts based on internationalisation and the use of ‘extended’ learning environments. His most recent publications include: Cannella, G., & Mangione, G. R. J. (2020). The internationalisation processes of small schools as tools for educational and organisational innovation. TRAINING & TEACHING, 18(1), 128-144; Cannella, M. Belardinelli, The importance of networks for educational innovation in Small Schools in (eds.) Mangione, Cannella, Paris and Bartolini (2020), Communities of memory, communities of future. The value of the small school, Carocci, Rome

Stefania Chipa, PhD in Education Sciences. Researcher at INDIRE. Her research activity focuses on the analysis of the processes of teaching innovation in small schools with a focus on the relationship between spaces and learning environments, including outdoor learning. Her most recent publications include: G. Cannella, S. Chipa, Una piccola scuola che promuove l’autonomia dello studente, in Luisi, Tantillo (ed.), Scuola e innovazione culturale nelle aree interne, “I Quaderni della Ricerca”, 50, Loescher, Torino, 2019, pp. 88-97; S. Chipa, L. Orlandini, A. Tosolini, Costruire comunità. The dialogue between school and territory, in (edited by) Mangione, Cannella,Parigi and Bartolini (2020), Comunità di memoria, comunità di futuro. The value of the small school, Carocci, Rome. pp. 221-232.

Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione

Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Phd in Telematics and Information Society. First researcher at INDIRE and Coordinator of the Territorial Nucleus SUD. Responsible for the research structure “Methodological and organisational innovation in small schools” and the Small Schools Movement. Her research explores the role of ICT in isolation and multi-classroom situations. Mangione, G. R. J., & Cannella, G. (2020). Small Schools, Smart Schools: Distance Education in Remoteness Conditions. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 1-21; Mangione, G. R. J., & Calzone, S. (2020). Materialities in innovative education: Focus on small Italian schools. In Epistemological Approaches to Digital Learning in Educational Contexts (pp. 102-126). Routledge.

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