Gaggioli, C., Gabbi, E. – ENG

Digital teaching, methods and tools for schools: designing an e-learning model for teachers


Gaggioli, C., Gabbi, E.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to enhance online learning has become an international priority, which will inevitably change the models for networked education and learning and become an integral part of teachers’ professional training. This paper presents the learning design of the advanced course “Digital Teaching. Methods and Tools for School” delivered in e-learning mode at the University of Florence in the A.Y. 2020/2021, illustrating the theoretical-operational practices that could represent an innovation in a specific context, in order to favour its diffusion in similar conditions.

Cristina Gaggioli

Elena Gabbi

Cristina Gaggioli. A Ph.D. pedagogist, she is a research fellow at the University of Florence and an adjunct lecturer in the master’s degree programme “Nuove competenze digitali. Open education, social and mobile learning” (UniFi) and in the specialisation course for support activities (UniPg). She has been collaborating for years with the InL@b Inclusive Technologies Laboratory at the University of Perugia. She carries out research in the field of educational technologies for inclusion.

Elena Gabbi. Social psychologist, she is a research fellow and instructional designer at the University of Florence since 2018. She is currently doing her PhD in Education and Training Sciences developing the topic of Learning Analytics applied to teachers’ professional development. Her interests include lifelong learning, e-learning design and educational big data.

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