Call for papers 2-2016

Call for papers on “Educational research between industry and third mission”

Deadline: September 30, 2016

Authors are cordially invited to submit papers to be considered for the upcoming edition of REM-Research on Education and Media, Volume 8, Issue 2 , December 2016

Pierpaolo Limone, University of Foggia
Rosaria Pace, University of Foggia

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The search for funds outside traditional academic channels, the participation in European competitive tenders, and the development of products and complex services aimed at varying educational contexts are progressively strengthening the relationship between academia and industry, even in the field of pedagogical studies. However, in Italy, a systematic reflection on models of industrial research in the educational arena has not been adequately developed yet. The practices of prototype research and so-called design based research, in the humanities and the social research fields, have not acquired a full academic legitimacy. The list of methodological innovations and epistemological challenges, which is slowly enriching, deserves an in-depth analysis.

This issue of the REM Journal aims to capture and describe the national distribution of industrial research in the educational field as well as to highlight the characteristics and promising elements of a continuity of practices within the context of scientific-industrial collaboration. This publication will also include an exchange of ideas arising from international experiences described by scholars who are invited to describe their own tradition of collaboration with businesses. Lastly, particular attention will be devoted to the procedures through which the social impact will be identified on this specific type of applied research.

The aim of the editors of this issue is to gather experiences, theoretical scenarios and conceptual framework able to map that phenomenon.


  • Industrial research in education.
  • University’s third mission: models of collaboration between academia and industry.
  • Models of consultancy, offering of services, project partnership between academia and industry.
  • Participatory design techniques for industrial research in education.
  • Methodologies and applied experiences of design-based research in education.
  • Prototypes and solutions of educational design for innovative fields such as: cultural heritage, digital humanities, digital publishing, game design, ICT for inclusion, social learning, virtual reality, etc.

Authors can submit original and unpublished research articles, which are not under review in any other journal.

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