Conference 2021

The digital post. Society, culture and education


23, 24 and 25 September 2021

How and where:

The conference will be held in attendance in Mattinata (FG) in collaboration with the “Mad Mall” Association.

Programme, registration and hotel accommodation

See the section dedicated to the programme, registration procedures and hotel accommodation.

The digital post. Society, culture and education

The fusion of the digital within the social and technological apparatus appears to be the sign of a wider phenomenon of an overcoming of an experiential condition characterised by an aesthetics of the ephemeral and fragmentary: the multiplication of spaces and times of experience has reached such a level as to be considered an ordinary situation. “We are rather immersed in systems and environments of relations and exchanges, ready to use the different resources that these environments make available to us with respect to the objectives that are proposed or proposed to us, and to assume roles and positions corresponding to what is implied by the use of these resources. The media are everywhere. We ourselves are media. And that is why the media no longer exist”. (Ruggero Eugeni, La condizione postmediale, Brescia, La Scuola, 2015, p.28). From here it is necessary to start a process of reconstruction of new forms of fluidity, able to put aside great divisions and consolidated dichotomies – nature/culture, subject/object, individuality of the subject/conventions of the social context – that have characterised previous times. Overcoming this logic requires new, generative ideas, centred on a ‘human project’, capable of reconstructing the meaning of our daily practices in relation to a ‘homeodynamic world’, available to transformation, open to utopia and real enough to contemplate the dream. The post-digital project is understood here as a complex enterprise, with fluid dynamism, in which the analysis of questions, necessarily open, constitute the necessary ground for a different design of society, culture and education. The post-digital revolution must therefore be accompanied by critical reflections and specific proposals. The conference will be an opportunity to contribute to the international debate and contribute to the definition of new projects.

Principali topic del Convegno

Society Cultures Education
Global systems, light links Human-non-human Representation of learning between presence/distance
New socialities Technology and human action Conceptualisation, body, action
Spaces of action Fragment/complexity Layout of didactics
Human-machine system Communication/transparency Learning between separation/cohesion
Technology/nature Visual models of representation Knowledge and sense-motor processes
Technology and participation The distant and the immediately perceived Enabling and participatory education
Accountability/ transparency    

Scientific Committee:

Fabio Bocci, Giovanni Bonaiuti, Filippo Bruni, Marina De Rossi, Anna Dipace, Stefano Di Tore, Loretta Fabbri, Alberto Fornasari, Guido Gili, Chiara Panciroli, Fabio Pasqualetti, Maria Ranieri, Paolo Raviolo, Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Laura Messina, Luciano Galliani, Pier Giuseppe Rossi

Organising Committee:

Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Chiara Panciroli, Giovanni Bonaiuti, Anna Dipace, Alberto Fornasari, Maka Eradze

Important dates ( al 08/28/2021)

Long abstract submission: 08/23/2021
Notification acceptance: 08/25/2021
Second Submission (*) 08/27/2021

Long abstract: 7.000 characters including spaces (bibliography excluded) to be sent to:

(* ) Please note that a second submission is only required in case of major revisions by the referees and will not be binding. Therefore, contributions that are accepted in the first notification, even with a request for revision, will be included in the programme immediately.

Authors of accepted long abstracts are requested to send a very short video of maximum two minutes (less than 100 MB) in which they present their contribution. The video should be sent using the WeTransfer to by 09/09/21 and in any case not before receiving notification of acceptance of the contribution.

All videos will be posted in a section of the conference page and can be viewed by all participants


Contributions (in Italian or English), whose abstracts have been accepted and presented during the conference, submitted to double blind review will be published in a volume with ISBN. All information regarding the timing and submission of full papers will be communicated after the conference. Authors are also invited, even now, to submit their contributions (in English) to the SIREM journal REM Research on Education and Media. All contributions accepted for publication in the journal REM will be excluded from the volume in order to avoid double publication of the same contribution.


Young Researchers Award 2021
SIREM Prize 2021

Two prizes will be awarded, one of which will be reserved for young researchers. The prize is designed to enhance the work of young researchers. A committee will evaluate the proposals submitted and award the two SIREM prizes.

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